crochet scarf alpaca silk

It’s been far too long since my last post, and the reason is that I finally managed to get the flat I wanted and have been exxxtra busy with redesigning for renovations. It has been an exhausting process, from the 85 year old owner finally accepting my offer at the third attempt, to finding the right people to do the work (mainly bathroom and kitchen), to designing and running around choosing and following the works and feeling too exhausted to do anything else. Good news is it should all be ready for me to move in in about three weeks max. Can’t wait. Still living in the room at my mother’s new place in the meantime, but as I decided to enjoy the process as much as i could, I found myself feeling so aware and grateful for all that I have, as opposed to all that i don’t have. So, it seems appropriate to write a random list of all the things that have stood out, here it is.

  • water and soap (donkey milk and jasmin one i bought in crete at that) to wash myself with.
  • safe surroundings. I don’t feel threatened in this town by the lake, when i go out of the house I don’t need to be alert and such. Where I go out in the city it feels the same, though slightly less as it’s an urban environment.
  • healthy food. Though I had to live without fridge and kitchen for two months, I now have access to some fridge space and stove. My appreciation for healthy food has increased significantly. As well as awareness that I can have all the meals I need every day.
  • I can go fast walking for an hour nearly every day and get some fresh air and enjoy it.
  • I have some students to teach  but not too many at this stage so I can focus my energy on the flat.
  • I can afford to buy enough yarn to start making crocheted items for the collection I want to put in the online shop I’ve finally decided to open.
  • my family are well and can look after themselves.
  • the women’s group at the knit cafe I go to once a week. It’s great to share my creative hobby with others and find a good group of supportive women. Of course I like some  and others less, but it doesn’t even need to matter when we’re a group.
  • my car is taking me around well through all this back and forth.
  • I can attend a drama course every week and have some time to play. (Something I really need to learn to do more of).
  • I like who I see when I look in the mirror. (and I can fit into my clothes).
  • we had sunshine and mild weather almost every day in October. (and now a bit of rain is almost welcome.)
  • I have found some interesting podcasts to add to the ones I already listen to, and have made time for more new music on mixcloud.
  • I don’t have to be up and functional in an office by 8am. ( I can follow my own rhythm.)
  • I managed to get the only flat I wanted, in the only area I wanted and it’s all working out.

That’s it for now.