I finally moved into my renovated flat a couple of weeks ago and I am glad to say it feels like home to me.

It’s a walk up located walking distance from the old town centre and from the hills at the edge of the city, and I enjoy feeling urban when I walk out of the apartment building and go somewhere, or nowhere in particular and wander the city.

I’m so glad everything worked out, the kitchen I designed, all the power points where they’re meant to be, the furniture and colours giving me a good feeling, the bathroom tiles so beautiful. It gives me a soothing pleasure to live in an airy, spacious and clean and peaceful environment. The effort of these last months was well worth it. I don’t really think about what I had to manage, put up with and organise and do. It’s all gone.

This is my space. It’s new to me, not familiar, but it feels mine, as an environment I would choose to live in. (This may be no surprise since I’m the one who did the designing,planning and choosing, but I wasn’t sure that result would be guaranteed. Never assume. You don’t know until you know.)

I love the ice- white armchair, chairs and table and bookcase against the pale sage grey walls. I love my supa fat and comfy sofabed with chaise longue and the Kentia palm I see next to the french windows and the armchair when I stretch out and lie on it.  I feel at home with simple furniture. I like the kitchen, where everything is put away behind the doors and there are just two shelves, one with some cooking books and the other with 5  vases with a eucalyptus twig in each, the grey-green matching the colour of the kitchen cupboards and the floor, and the scent refreshing every time i walk in. I love all the old original venetian style flooring I was glad to be able to keep.

Music made me feel at home here too when i first moved in. I enjoyed exploring interesting playlists on mixcloud while i unpacked boxes and chose places for all my- few- belongings, and I still listen to it all the time when I’m not reading or writing or meditating or teaching.

The sunlight coming in is beautiful and this place is definitely my sanctuary. What does this though, more than any furniture, colour, object or book or music or scent or spaciousness, is the fact that i can totally relax and chill and i really sleep well. I sleep deeply and wake up gradually. I have been quite exhausted lately and have also fallen into a deep sleep in the afternoon.  The truth is, wherever I can sleep that well, that’s my home.