What makes winter



Unquestionably, those brown bare branches standing out on a clear blue sky.

The chilly fresh air pinching when you go for a walk, even though it may be sunny.

Appreciating the sunlight when it does grace a day, knowing it doesn’t last much into the afternoon.

Getting comfortable early with a book in bed at five or six, when it just is too cold to bother with an evening out.

Looking forward to a night out, only to feel the shock of the freezing cruel cold when you are out in it, getting to where you had planned. All the time cursing to yourself for putting yourself through this, then cursing against the environment for being so inhospitable and making being social so unpleasant and difficult.

Enjoying the home, catching up on reading or sleeping, taking stock of the year that’s gone and planning for the one ahead.

Feeling cold ALL the time, covering up with layers of sweaters and shawls and duvees or blankets.

Finding the windscreen covered in frost when it’s bad enough to be freezing all over already,and promising myself one day this will just be a distant memory.

Dreaming  of a sunflooded beach to relax on, reminding myself they still exist and i will be swimming in the ocean again.

Counting the months and weeks to the end of the death season.

Getting all festive and somehow excited about Christmas and New year.

Appreciating meals with others more than in other times of year.

Getting new pieces for the wardrobe to wear in spring.

Looking forward to the explosion of life that is near and knowing it is worth it every time.





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